A timeless
A historic residence overlooking the blue sea of Positano. Discover La Bizantina
A magical
The elegance is in the details. Discover the rooms at La Bizantina
The most
important moment
of your life.
The perfect location to celebrate an unforgettable event. Plan your events at La Bizantina
The Amalfi Coast and its wonders. Discover more

Come and discover
the Amalfi Coast.

Among the charming houses in the Fornillo district of Positano, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, stands La Bizantina Luxury Villa: an ancient Positano villa with a timeless charm. Six sea-view rooms framed by vaulted ceilings and arches illuminated by the sun and coloured by the bougainvillea flowers. 

La Bizantina Luxury Villa is immersed in the magical bright atmosphere of the Amalfi Coast where the days are long and relaxed, lying in the sun on the terraces. And when the sun goes down and the sky turns red, the evenings become romantic.

The refined taste in the furnishings and the rediscovered architecture of a historic residence are framed by the horizon of a blue sea. The design of the Vietri majolica floors enhance the discreet elegance of the rooms at La Bizantina Luxury Villa.

A key to a unique place.

Luxury Villa

The wonder of the Amalfi Coast, described by famous pens and brushes, is in your hands. Open the doors of La Bizantina Luxury Villa and live Positano as no one has done before.

The frame of your memories.

A soft light of sunset on the Tyrrhenian Sea, the sea breeze in your hair and the person you love by your side. La Bizantina is the ideal location to paint new memories in your lives. 

Let it be the perfect place for the fateful Yes? You’ll just have to put your courage to the rest we’ll take care of.